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WONDERPARK CAFE They Play, You Relax

You always wanted to relax and have a nice bite while your child was busy exploring a compelling playground? Well, now you can!

We've built our Wonderpark playground locally, with sustainable materials - from scratch, keeping in mind the curious minds of little ones.

Our playground invites children to reflect on nature and play in an organically designed space that fosters creativity and nurtures their imagination.


Babies 0-12 months old: Free

Children 1-9 years old:

  • Monday - Friday: 5,95 €

  • Saturday - Sunday: 7,95 €

  • On public holidays and during school vacations: 7,95 €

Special Deals

Weekend Deal - SAVE 25%

10 Entrance Tickets: €59,60*

* Valid for 1 child for 2 years from the purchase date, during the weekends only

*We reserve the right to change our policy, prices, offers and rules at any time without prior notice or justification, as we see fit.

Monthly Deal

Unlimited pass for 1 month: €21,95*

* Unlimited entrance for 1 child valid for 30 days from the purchase date

*We reserve the right to change our policy, prices, offers and rules at any time without prior notice or justification, as we see fit.


Parents/carers are responsible at all times for their children while they are on our premises.


The door to the playground must remain closed after entrance/exit for the safety of the children.

Shoes are not allowed on the playground, and socks are required. Parents can make use of the shoe covers provided at the bar in case they prefer to not take their shoes off. Chairs, pencils, personal toys and sharp objects are not allowed in the playground area.

Children are not allowed to walk, run or stand on the chairs, tables, benches and the scarf-shooter.

Only scarves are allowed in our scarf-shooter, one at a time; please do not use other toys, pencils or balls, as it might block or break the device.

It is not allowed to remove the big sitting pillows from the reading corner and take them up in the playing construction. It is strictly forbidden to use the pillows to slide down on the slides, as it can lead to accidents.

It is strictly forbidden to throw with the building blocks, pillows, pencils, books and other toys in the air or at people, as it can lead to unwanted accidents. 

We kindly ask parents and children to carefully use the books, as we would like as many children as possible to enjoy them.

Things are easier when we help each other, so let's keep an eye on each other's children and be kind to everyone.

We aim for a judgement-free space, as we are all wonderful parents, grandparents and carers.

Please do not consume food and drinks in our café obtained outside our premises. Also, please only eat and drink at the tables, and not on the playground or in other areas.

Hygiene is important to all of us, please keep the playground, café and toilets tidy as you would like to find them. 

Children are not allowed to go to the toilets by themselves, we ask parents to accompany their children to the toilets to avoid unwanted mis-happenings.

Everyone must wash their hands with soap after using the toilet or changing dirty diapers, to avoid germs spreading.

Please leave the toys belonging to the playground behind and do not take them home, so that other children can enjoy them too. The balls from the ball pit should be kept in the ball pit itself, playing with them in the café area or bringing them to the toilet area is not allowed.

It is forbidden to play with toys that don't belong to the playground or with sharp objects, such as scissors, given that we have very small children around who might accidentally hurt them selves with inappropriate toys or sharp objects.

Pets are not allowed in our café.

Wonderpark Café is not responsible for personal belongings, please take care of your own belongings.

We kindly ask you to always listen to the instructions of our staff.

We reserve the right to change our policy, prices, offers and rules at any time without prior notice or justification, as we see fit.

Here you will be able to read testimonials from happy clients very soon (we hope)!

Wonderpark Café

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