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From Fellow Parents with Love

We're big believers in the power of a good break and a friendly place to relax

In the heart of Amstelveen stands Wonderpark Café, a special place where the aromas of fresh coffee and flavours of delicious food dance in harmony with the laughter of kids at play. It's a spot where playdates collide with coffee dates, offering a wonderland for both kids and grown-ups.


Wonderpark Café isn't just any playground with a café; it’s a unique space where every kid’s playful energy finds its match in a grown-up’s quest for a tranquil moment. The play areas are designed to inspire limitless exploration and joy, while comfortable seats invite grown-ups to unwind.


So whether you seek fun for your kids or a peaceful moment for yourself, Wonderpark Café has got your back.


Come join us, and let's create new memories!


Wonderpark Café - Where playing meets good coffee

They Play, You Relax!

Coffee and Desserts
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